iBroke My iPhone


As many of you already know, iDropped My iPhone when I was in Gatlinburg at a conference with the Senior Adults. I actually have a picture I was taking when it dropped, not many people can say that.  Not that it helps, I’m still sad. It has been 6 weeks or so and it still bothers me, it still gets to me. When I think back to the day iGot My iPhone, and how excited I was, it makes me even sadder. Who knew then that just 9 short months later it would look like this:



iBroke My iPhone


You can see the insides of the phone, the BRAINS of my iPhone are exposed to the elements. Just think if my brain or your brain was exposed to the elements, that would be a big deal.

Each day a little more of the protective glass covering chips off and I know that soon it will be nothing more than a broken, jagged, useless paper weight, but until then iCelebrate My Time with My iPhone Every Chance iGet.

Tonight for instance, we are going to Chuck E. Cheese.


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