Photo of the Day- 12nov2009


Today in class we had a group project we had to do. It was supposed to be on a problem on campus so we chose “prices in the UTC convenience store and bookstore”. After we did all the research we were supposed to do a group presentation with a PowerPoint showing our research along with a proposal of solutions on how to fix the problem.

So when the group gave me and James creative control of the presentation we decided that the only logical thing to do would be to play America’s Favorite Game Show, The Price is Right!


12nov2009- Price is Right Project-1


I was Bob Barker complete with one of those long, skinny (homemade) Bob Barker microphones; and James worn a blue blazer and was Rod Roddy. (He said he couldn’t find a green sequined coat with dollar bills on it, but I’m not convinced he looked very hard.)

Sam was our technical guru behind the scenes doing the PowerPoint and keeping the showing running on track, and the best part was Ericc. Ericc put on one of his girlfriend’s dresses and played the part of a Barker Beauty.


12nov2009- Price is Right Project-2


It was the funniest thing ever!

He was going all out with each and everything he did and if we get an A it will be because he rocked it out in his girlfriend’s dress.


NOTE: If you have a group project presentation coming up soon you should definitely have at least one of the guys wear his girlfriend’s dress the entire presentation. I promise you will get a better grade than you would have without it.


We played 3 different games: The Most Expensive, Hole-in-One and everyone’s favorite Cliff Hanger! We also had 3 different items to bid on, and each time we bid on something or had some product in the game, Rod Roddy would tell us all about it.


12nov2009- Price is Right Project-3-

This is Natalie playing “The Most Expensive” with me. Also pictured are Rod Roddy and Sam. Sam is backstage so you might not see him.

Here are some of the product descriptions Rod was talking about:

Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Tissue:

Do bears crap in the woods?

Yes, and afterwards they always reach for Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Tissue.

Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Tissue, if it’s good enough for bears, it’s good enough for you.


Neosporin: It cures everything.

Every cut. Every time. Neosporin.

NEOSPORIN First Aid Antibiotic kills more types of infectious bacteria in laboratory tests than even the leading topical prescription antibiotic.

Neosporin, now available for dogs.


Coke Zero: Coke used to be made with cocaine, now it doesn’t even use sugar. They changed it gradually so you would still love it. Can’t beat the real thing!

Except with Coke Zero, I mean.


Clorox Bleach: Let’s face it, you are gross. If you ever hope to have a girlfriend you better start using it. It kills 99.9% of germs and is twice as likely your stinky Polo cologne to help you get a girlfriend.

When you’re tired of being single… It’s Clorox to the rescue.


Heinz Mustard: It’s not ketchup, it’s not mayonnaise, it’s the yellow one… it’s mustard.


There were a lot more, but that gives you a taste of it. It was fun and Rod Roddy was hilarious!

We had a blast, I can’t wait to have another group project, I’m thinking we might play that new game on ABC with Kenny Mayne called Wipeout.



Afterwards I loaded up everything and started walking to my car and quickly found out that if you walk across campus with a portable Price is Right Game –a cardboard file box stuffed with all the supplies complete with a homemade Bob Barker microphone sticking out topped with a folded up tie and sports jacket and awkwardly carry a golf club under your arm (while wearing a backpack)– people don’t know whether to smile at you because you seem fun, be scared of you because you might be crazy, or feel sorry for you because you might be a professor who just got fired.

Eventually, I just avoided eye contact.


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