Photo of the Day- 13nov2009

-Tonight Ashley and I were at Books-a-Million and we found your Christmas present.


13nov2009- Candy Pooper-5


A Poo-lar Bear.

It’s a polar bear that poops candy.

True story, this product exists. I don’t know how, but it does.

I can’t help but wonder how this item was pitched to the company that made it?


Perhaps it happened like this…


Product Pitcher: I have the best idea ever.

Company: Okay, Mike, let’s hear it.

PP: You know how at Christmas time people love candy, right?

Co: Definitely, at Christmas time people DO love candy!

PP: Exactly, and people also love that Coca~Cola polar bear, right?

Co: True, people do love that bear! I LOVE that bear!

PP: Exactly, which is why I have come up with the perfect holiday candy dispenser. It’s not your grandma’s candy bowl, that’s the tagline.

Co: Yeah, I like that… “It’s not your grandma’s candy bowl.” Alright Mike, I like this so far, go on…

PP: Okay, it takes the idea of people liking candy, and people liking polar bears and it puts them together and that’s where we came up with…



It’s a polar bear that poops candy.

Co: I love it. Brilliant, Mike. Brilliant! I LOVE IT! I can see a whole line of animals pooping candy!


Mike leaves the meeting thinking… More candy pooping animals, huh?

Which is probably how we ended with a jelly bean pooping bah-humbug sheep.


13nov2009- Candy Pooper-3


Aaaaand the one I’m getting for my mom, a Waddling Penguin Pooper.


13nov2009- Candy Pooper-4


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 13nov2009”

  1. Megan Says:

    Don’t laugh…or maybe do. I love penguins and one of my friends gave me the pooping penguin as part of my wedding present. Not for sure what they were thinking, but I never could bring myself to eat the chocolate that came out of it!

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