Photo of the Day- 15nov2009


Today Ashley and I, for the 15th time, tried to print our invitations. It has turned out to be the hardest convenient thing we have ever been a part of. Her dad finally figured out how to print on apparently the most oddly shaped piece of paper in the history of the world that is our invitation.

While he was doing that Ashley was helping her mom grade Spelling Tests. I’m not trying to judge, I know those kids are just in first grade, but their tests were ridiculous.

My favorite part is that they had “Bonus Words” they could spell and get extra credit. The Bonus Words on this particular test are the two words listed under “Bons Wor”…


15nov2009- Spleling Test


“Bons Wor”????

Although I guess I shouldn’t be too tough on them, the girl grading the test is worse at math than they are at spelling.

13/12??? What kind of grade is that???

Good job, Billy, you got a 13-12ths!

Eeehh, at least she didn’t write “Grate Job! I’m so Prowd of YOU!”


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