Wedding Update: Tux Fitting and The Shower Corsage

On Saturday my future father-in-law, Bruce, and I went to the Men’s Wearhouse to get fitted for our tuxes.

He started playing ping pong with the guy that worked there while I was talking to the tux girl.

As soon as we sat down and she pulled out her giant notebook I pointed at the picture on the cover and said, “I want that.”

The girl working there said, “That tux?”

I said, “That tux, that shirt, that tie, that everything, I want that.”

“Uhh, okay,” she said as she, out of habit I guess, kept showing me more pictures.

“No, seriously, that is exactly what I want, I have already looked. That’s it.”

“Oh, okay, great. Do you know what size?”

“Well, I wear a Medium in a sweat suit so, you know, Medium, I guess.”

“Uhh, okay… do you know what size your father-in-law wears?”

“Hey, Mr Bruce, what size tux do you need?” I called over to him.

“4 to 1,” he said, I guess assuming I had asked him what the score was.

“I think we better measure you both,” the girl said.

“Uh-oh, I remember this from Friends,” I said, but she didn’t laugh. She wasn’t much into comedy I guess.

Click HERE to see a preview of us in our tuxes!

On Sunday Ashley let me open a couple of gifts her parents had brought home from church.

It was just like my own special man shower with my own week old corsage and everything!

Mr. Bruce served as my maid of honor and dutifully wrote down who got us what. Overall it was a great weekend, we only spent 7 hours trying to figure out how to print the invitations*.

*More to come on this later, I’m trying to figure out how to tell that story without using cuss words.

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