Wedding News: Engagement Pics

Ashley and I got a couple CDs full of our engagement pictures we took at Berry College last month yesterday. They are all really good, Mandi, our photographer is awesome.

Ashley got some printed out and brought them over to put in some of the frames we have been getting at our showers. She was in the bedroom and she called to me to come help her pick which one would look good in the frame. They were all spread out over the bedspread.

I looked around for a minute and picked one.

“That’s not us,” she said, “that is the picture that came out of the frame.”

“Really? I thought I might have looked too good, but I thought maybe it was a photoshop thing she did.”

“He doesn’t have a beard…”

“Hmmm, really?” I said picking up the picture.  “I look good without a beard.”

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