Photo of the Day- 26nov2009


Thanksgiving 2009 is here and that means The Grateful Gobbler! Last year was a blast, and this year was even more fun! Hayden and I came up with a great plan. We were going to use teamwork to beat out the competition in this non-competitive charity walk.

Our Plan: For the first half of the race I would carry Hayden, and the second half he would carry me! BRILLIANT!

NOTE: There is no picture of this because we were TOO FAST!

I am not sure of the exact place we finished but we definitely imporved on last year’s last place finish. (For real, last year we got DEAD last. They were already setting up for the Christmas Day 5K when we finally crossed the finish line.)

Here is a picture of a few of the Ridgedale families who were there.

We had a much harder time this year getting our finish line photo because people kept walking in front of the girl taking our picture.

Later that night I went with Ashley and her family to Aunt Patty’s house. A veteran at random Thanksgiving Dinners, I had my “survival kit” ready.

In addition to 14 rubbermaid containers (never can have too many rubbermaid containers), I also had my Scrabble board game (board games are always a must), an extra shirt (you’d be surprised how often you need an extra shirt), a pair of sweat pants (always plan for best case scenario), name tags for Cameron and Caleb the identical twin cousins (Cameron was wearing a hat so I didn’t need the name tags), and 2 safety pins (in case you don’t feel comfortable changing into your sweatpants but still need to let your pants out a little).

I was ready for whatever lied ahead!

Except for Uncle Jeff.

Just kidding, Uncle Jeff was great! Although we did have one awkward encounter in the garage.

After dinner several of us were sitting around the table (Ashley, her mom, Aunt Toni, Addie) and somehow we started talking about the deer Uncle Jeff had killed a couple of days before. Aunt Toni was convinced that the deer head was in one of the trash cans in the garage and somehow they talked me into going to look for it.

Sooo, I went into the garage and started lifting lids and looking in garbage cans trying to see if their was a deer head in any of the 4 or 5 trash cans that were in the garage. It was dark and cold and I was going through trash cans and I didn’t really notice that the garage door was up or that Uncle Jeff was standing just outside the garage in the driveway.

As I put the lid down to the last trash can we made eye contact. Now realize he didn’t know that Aunt Toni and Ashley and Ashley’s mom and Addie had sent me out to look in the garbage cans to see if I could find the deer head that Aunt Toni was convinced was there, to Uncle Jeff I was just the weird new guy who had wondered off from everyone else and was going through his trash.

Awesome first impression… Can’t wait till Christmas!

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