Photo of the Day UPDATES

Hey Guys,

I got a little behind on my Photos of the Day because I have been busy. Working, going to school, getting married, watching the entire season of Project Runway in 3 days, needless to say, I’ve been busy. Tonight I spent a little time after meeting with Tammy Martin the Wedding Coordinator. She’s not a planner, she’s  a coordinator. She coordinates what we’ve planned. I’m not sure if you are thinking about getting into the wedding business but coordinator is the way to go.

The first thing she said was, “Okay, so what have you got planned?”

The second thing she said was, “You can just make your check payable to Tammy Martin.”

Brilliant! I want to be a wedding coordinator when I grow up. You don’t have to worry with all the cakes and catering and colors and cards, you just have to show up for the ceremony. Brilliant!

Anyway, after meeting with Ashley and Tammy I spent time catching up on the Photos. I am halfway there and I thought I would give you a break for the day and finish up tomorrow.

So that you can start from where we left off you can click HERE and it will take you to November 21. (which happens to be a special GUEST photo by Donald Miller)

You can also click HERE, you know, if you accidentally scrolled past that last link.

If you click HERE you will go into the future. (NOTE: This link will not work after December 21, 2012.)

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Kevin K Lewis

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