Photo of the Day- 28nov2009

Today Ashley got some sugar cookie dough and was playing with our new bucket of cookie cutters. There are 100 shapes, almost any shape you can think of, almost any shape you can need.

Including shapes we don’t need.

Like round.

Do you really need round-shaped cookie cutters? You can pretty much get round cookies by accident, right? I mean the cookies come in a round cylinder. You can just cut them right off, right?

I mean half the time we have baked cookies using our cookie cutters, no matter which shaped cutter we use, they have come out round.

Christmas Tree-Shaped cookie cutter… round.

Heart-Shaped cookie cutter…. round.

Star-Shaped cookie cutter… round.

Shamrock-Shaped cookie cutter… round.

Pumpkin-Shaped cookie cutter… round.

No wait… that makes sense. But you get my point. Round-Shaped cookie cutter…. not needed.

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