Photo of the Day- 29nov2009

Tonight was Chili Bowl 2009 at RBC. It is a night where we cook lots and lots and lots of chili and we get together and play flag football and eat chili. It is by far my favorite chili event of the year. And I am not just saying that because I am the 2008 Chili Cook-Off Champion, I just really, really like eating chili.

This year I again cooked my award-winning “Man-Made Meatacular” chili. I asked Ashley if she wanted to team up with me and she said, “No, I want to make my own chili, I want to beat you.”

She is very competitive, it is my 7th favorite thing about her. She says it should be my 6th, she is that competitive.

My chili is meaty and spicy and delicious, and knowing this, Ashley decided hers would be meatier and spicier and more deliciousier.

Here are our crockpots, labeled for the competition:

Ashley’s chili was hotter, I’ll admit that, and I did so on the labels, but mine was meatier. I told her I divided up the meat evenly, but I lied. It’s a competition, lies must be told.

When it came time for everyone to eat the chili, there were many top contenders including my “Man-Made Meatacular” chili, Ashley’s “Two Dos Pepper Pimienta Chili Delicioso” and Brother Bill’s “Really Hot Chili”. He had to prepare a sermon for today, he didn’t have time for a creative title.

When all was said and done, and everyone’s chili had been sampled, three stood out above the rest. And while there were many good chilis by many great families including The Johnsons, The McGhees, and The Akins among others, it came down to me and Ashley and Brother Bill.

Brother Bill got third. I felt there was no need to drag that out. The real drama was between me and Ashley. Scheduled to wed in little more than a month, it was our first true battle.

And, as we learned in Dr Jim’s marriage seminar would often happen, it ended in a tie.

We tied. We were Co-Winners. Co-Champs. Co-Disappointed.

We did not want to tie, we wanted a winner. (I wanted it to be me, Ashley wanted it to be her.) So when we got back to my house we did the only fair thing we could think of:

We scraped the last bit of leftovers from each of our pots and put it down for our outdoor cat, Tom Selleck, to decide.

Mine was on the left, Ashley’s was on the right, but we didn’t tell that to Tom Selleck because we didn’t want to unfairly influence him. We agreed that whoever he picked would be the winner.

With everything in place, the tie-breaker was set to begin. We put our chili samples down, stepped back, and let Tom Selleck go at it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the winner is….

Amigo Mexican Restaurant beef soft taco…

In hindsight we probably shouldn’t have used the Amigo styrofoam container.

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