Photo of the Day- 01dec2009

As I sit here entering this Photo of the Day Ashley is sending out our wedding invitations. I have helped with them a little bit, but mostly it has been Ashley and Mrs Becky (Ashley’s Mom) doing most of the work, so I felt it was about time that I did my part.

By making the invitation today’s Photo of the Day:

(Click on the Photo to make it GINORMOUS so you can see the details.)

Along with a personalized note just for you!

Dear Loyal Reader,

I hope to see you there!

NOTE: The reception is brown bag.  Stop by your favorite fast food restaurant and pick up a burger or a sandwich and come celebrate with us!

***Drinks and cake will be provided to the first 200 celebrators!***

Your Favorite Groom To Be,

Kevin K Lewis

P.S. Since I am unofficially officially inviting you via this method- I am probably going to get in trouble with Mrs Becky- I am going to need you all to tell anyone who asks that you are Mrs Becky’s Dad’s plus one.

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