Photo of the Week- Week of 19dec2009

NOTE: As many of you know, I got married December 31, 2009. In the weeks leading up to, and in the few weeks following, I was super busy and fell behind with my Photo of the Day. Sorry.

I am trying to catch up on that by doing “Photo of the Week” for these many weeks. I hope this will appease my mother-in-law, if not then Groundhog Day Dinner is going to be awkward.

So, without further adieu… here is the Photo of the Week for the week ending 19dec2009:

This week Ashley and I were cooking and we had a little bit of a kitchen fire.

This is actually a picture of it afterwards. (Ashley wouldn’t let me take of picture of it while it was on fire.)

But here is an artist’s rendering of what it looked like.


And here is an artist rendering of me playing the fireman and putting the fire out.

It’s close. Like I said, I was super busy so I didn’t have a lot of time to do this rendering…

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