Photo of the Week- Week of 02jan2010

NOTE: As many of you know, I got married December 31, 2009. In the weeks leading up to, and in the few weeks following, I was super busy and fell behind with my Photo of the Day. Sorry.

I am trying to catch up on that by doing “Photo of the Week” for these many weeks. I hope this will appease my mother-in-law, if not then Groundhog Day Dinner is going to be awkward.

So, without further adieu… here is the Photo of the Week for the week ending 02jan2010:

This week I had a bachelor party. It involved a trip to Krisy Kreme, need I say more. Here’s a picture.

I took the picture of them. And then I got them to take a picture of me.

I thought that I would just photoshop myself into the picture but it ended up looking ridiculous:

Somehow I ended up being a completely different size.

And I have no feet.

It was a crazy night but I did not lose my feet or shrink to a tenth of my size so it is a complete misrepresentation of the night. Besides the going to Krispy Kreme I mean, that happened. And after I thought about it, you know we went to Krispy Kreme, really, need I say more.

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