Photo of the Week- Week of 09jan2010

NOTE: As many of you know, I got married December 31, 2009. In the weeks leading up to, and in the few weeks following, I was super busy and fell behind with my Photo of the Day. Sorry.

I am trying to catch up on that by doing “Photo of the Week” for these many weeks. I hope this will appease my mother-in-law, if not then Groundhog Day Dinner is going to be awkward.

So, without further adieu… here is the Photo of the Week for the week ending 09jan2010:

This week Ashley and I were on our honeymoon. We had a blast. We went to Savannah, Georgia for a couple of days on the way to the Bahamas. We have about 700 pictures, but I didn’t think you would want me to post them all here. So I’ll just post a couple.

Things You Don’t Want to be Reminded of a Cruise #37:

The Titanic.

Yet the first thing we saw when we went into our room on the cruise ship was this magazine:

Whaaaatttt?????? How is this a good idea??? The movie that Leonardo DiCaprio is most famous for is “Titanic”. How can you, Royal Caribbean, think this is a good magazine choice for your staterooms?????

Neither Ashley or I had ever been on a cruise before and I didn’t want her to be thinking about The Titanic when we pulled out of port so I thought I would just switch the order of the magazines. So when Ashley went into the bathroom I went to switch them aaaaaaand…

Kate Winslet was on the cover of the next magazine!

Kate, just like Leo, is most famous for being in…. “Titanic”.

Whhaaattt???? Are you serious??? Why not just have us use life vests as pillows. I mean, do you want us to be thinking about sinking the ENTIRE time we are on the ship????

Turns out that Ashley and I are stress eaters. When we are worried about sinking in a ship in the middle of the ocean we eat ice cream, which at $3.50 a pop works out pretty well for Royal Caribbean, who as it turns out, are geniuses.

I’m afraid of heights, but how often are you on an island full of palm trees to climb? I had to do it, it is on my bucket list. Before I lost my nerve I climbed the first palm tree I came to.

And checked one more thing off my bucket list.

If you would like to see more pictures of our trip check out Facebook or the photo album on our coffee table. See ya!

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