Photo of the Day- 02feb2010

This morning I rolled out of bed and saw my shadow so I went back to bed for 60 minutes. It is my Groundhog Day tradition and I love it. Except that it made me late for work, which made me behind all day. Then with the LOST Final Season Premiere tonight I didn’t have time to do a Photo of the Day.

Don’t celebrate Groundhog Day by making up a reason to sleep an hour longer? You’re missing out! Don’t watch LOST and never have? You’re missing out!

I used to be the same way. I used to show up on time to work on Groundhog Day, and I used to think LOST was ridiculous. But then Chad Poe talked me into watching the first season. In just a few days time. All 24 episodes. For real. And I was hooked!

So instead of posting a Photo of the Day for today, I thought I would just share that experience with you all here today. I hope you enjoy!

The first time I watched LOST:

Originally Published 07dec2005

I have never been addicted to crack. I have never had one of my best friends dealing crack who was himself also addicted to crack. I have never had that friend calling me at all hours of the day and night to drop what I was doing and come over to his house to smoke crack for hours on end. I have never had a friend to tell me to ignore my other friends, my job, my dreams and aspirations, anything and everything all for crack. I have never had a friend guilt me into coming to his house to smoke crack instead of going to Sunday night worship at church where the kids were singing their little hearts out for their annual Childrens Christmas Program. I have never allowed my friend to talk me into ordering twenty dollars worth of delivered Chinese food instead of spending three at the Sonic so that I could stay at his apartment and smoke crack. I have never been annoyed, aggravated, just plain mad when another friend came over to visit and interrupted our smoking crack. Like I said, I have never been addicted to crack and I have never had one of my best friends dealing crack who was himself also addicted to crack.

But, if you substitute episodes of the first season DVD of Lost in place of crack in every one of those sentences above, then I am one big honkin way addicted crackhead and my good friend, well call him by the fictional name of Brian (thats pronounced Chad), is the pushiest pusher in the history of dealing and oh, did I mention that he is also a flamin crackhead?

Yeah, so my buddy Brian bought the first season of Lost on DVD and has since become obsessed. He had never before seen an episode of Lost -neither season one nor two- but he had heard how good it was and, at first he thought he could do without it, but then it seemed that all his friends were watching Lost and loved it and they were constantly encouraging him to just try it. If you dont like it after a couple of episodes then quit watching it, but at least just try it. Its really good, youll like it, everyone likes it. So after all the pressuring from his friends he finally bought the first season DVD. Actually he got his friend, well call him Brian M. (thats pronounced Chad M.), to pick it up for him because he had connections or something and he knew where to get it. He scored it from Best Buy for only thirty bucks. I think thats how they get you, they almost give it to you the first time because once your hooked they know that you will sell a gallon of your plasma or your grandmas best china to get more.

So it started the other day, we got together we were kinda nervous and maybe a little bit embarrassed because we were watching The Apprentice and Survivor (never missed one episode, so as you can see I am already at high risk to become an addict) at a friends house and we both were leaving, while everyone else was staying. We didnt say that we were going to watch Lost on DVD, but we did. That first night we only watched three episodes, well two really because the pilot was a two part episode. We liked it, but after we watched the first two (three) episodes, I said I had to get home and he, Brian, said, Okay, see ya. I had stuff going on and he was out of town for the next two days, so that might have helped a little, but we didnt get together again at his house until Sunday night. I was about to leave for church when he called because he wanted me to come over and watch some more episodes. I told him no because I was going to church to watch the kids sing, but he just kept on and kept on telling me how good Lost was, reminding me how much I liked it when we watched it together the other day. He was right, but I told him that I really should go to church and watch the kids sing, and he said that if you have seen one kids Christmas program, youve seen them all, which is technically true, but still I felt the need to go. He kept on trying to persuade me saying that God would understand if I didnt go and that Id still get into Heaven because after all I went to church that morning and Sunday mornings were where they took attendance anyway. I shouldnt have let him talk me into, but I did. I went over to his house and I told him that I could only watch a couple of episodes and, of course, he agreed.

So five episodes later I finally leave his house. I couldnt believe that we had watched that much, but we had. I tried to leave after two episodes; I tried to leave after three episodes; I think after four, the fifth may have been my idea. You know how it is, you just have to find out what happens, I couldnt wait. After five episodes I left for home feeling ashamed at what we had done. Five episodes of any show in one night is probably too much.

So on Monday we only watched four, which is still a lot, but its less than five, so it was like cutting back really, and thats the first step to beating the addiction, that and gum, which I bought by the carton.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to take a day off from watching Lost. It was going to be hard, but I was going to stay home and chew gum and do things that I needed to do. So when he asked me if I wanted to come to his house to watch Lost, I told him no. I told him that I absolutely wanted to come watch it, but I had some things that I needed to get done around my house and on my computer before the day was done. Well maybe you can do them while we are watching. No, I said, I couldnt the things around my house at his house and  I wouldnt be able to concentrate on the show if I brought my computer to his house and if I concentrated on the show I wouldnt get anything done at all.

So I took my computer over to his house and of course I didnt use it very much because I couldnt concentrate on the show while I was trying to work on my computer. Because of this I told him that I could only watch a couple of episodes because I really did have to get my work done. After each episode he would ask if I wanted to watch another and I would say that no, I had to get home, but he would always say, dont you want to see what happens? Dont you want to see what happens to Kate or John Locke or Jack or Claire or whoever and the truth is that I did, but I would always say that I would see next time. He would keep pressing until I gave in and took another hit in the form of another episode. This went on for eight episodes. Thats right, EIGHT episodes.

Im not proud. I am not bragging. I am simply letting you know that I have hit rock bottom. I can no longer help myself. I am powerless to the peer pressure of my dealer friend. I must have more of Lost. I wish I were watching an episode right now. There are only four episodes left and the bonus features and I guess we could start rewatching the episodes from the beginning and ahhh, I am such a crackhead!!! I dont know what I am going to do, a new episode doesnt come on for 5 weeks. I am going to be going through detox during the Christmas holidays. Thats no good.

I am coming to you for help I guess. I cant afford to pay for any real help because I have spent all my money on gas to get over there and gum and lottery tickets with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 on them and there was that delivered Chinese food. I dont know what I am going to do, I never thought that I would ever let myself get like this, but I have. I have to stop. Season 5 of The West Wing just came out so that well help a little, but thats not a solution, its a substitution. A pretty great substitution, but a substitution nonetheless.

I sit here a broken man waiting with my hands raised hoping that youll be able to pull me out of this hole I fallen into.

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