Photo of the Day- 05feb2010

Ashley has a way of getting all kinds of emails that tell her about deals going on in the world. I’m sure she signs up for them but I prefer to think of her knowing about deals as magic.

Wednesday she got an email from The Inn at Gorham’s Bluff about some specials they were running and an awesome deal they had for tonight. Her birthday is coming up, as is Valentine’s Day (plus we needed a break from Tom Selleck), so we decided to take advantage of the deal and go.

When we got there and we saw this:

A secret key, a mysterious letter, and my favorite candy Werther Original!

The key turned out to be to the room, the letter turned out to be our bill, and the candy turned out to be 50 cents a piece.

Just kidding! The candy was free for the taking and the bill wasn’t that much, but after watching Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons” while we were falling asleep, I’m still not convinced the key is not a secret key.

Note: We had a great time and can’t wait to go back again (and hopefully find that secret room), and we definitely recommend that you all check it out too. It’s a great getaway in an awesome community on a bluff overlooking the Tennessee River. Each room has a giant bed, a seating area with a fireplace and a spa tube (as well as Werthers Original) along with all the perks you expect from a bed and breakfast and the food in the restaurant downstairs is delicious.

Click on the Inn below to go to their website for more information.

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