Photo of the Day- 06feb2010

After a wonderful time at Gorham’s Bluff, it was time to leave. Before we left we wanted to sign the guest book in the room like all the other guests had. It is a book to write a note to the people who come after you. There were map pencils so you can draw a picture if you wanted to. There were lots of notes and lots of pictures throughout the book, they all said stuff like, “The room was great…” …. “We came here for our 25th anniversary and had the best time…” … “Loved the view…” … etc, etc which was great but got boring to read after a while so when Ashley and I signed it, we wanted to do something different.

So instead of writing a note to the random people who are going to come after us, we decided to write a note to ourselves in the future. We already knew we would be coming back and thought it would be cool if when we did, we had a note to us. We knew we couldn’t count on anyone else, so we did it ourselves.

Of course we included the obligatory “the room was great, the atmosphere was great, the view was great…”

Also I might have put 2009 instead of 2010, but no big deal, I just added a “+1” to it and it worked out…

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