Photo of the Day- 08feb2010

Today is Nick Nolte’s birthday. He is 69. He has had more than 80 roles in movies and on tv since 1969, yet he is most remembered for this photo:

Crazy Mugshot Nick Nolte

Which is sad because he was once the Sexiest Man Alive.

Nick Nolte, Sexiest Man Alive…  “a man’s man that women can’t resist”.

So knowing it was his birthday, and knowing how much joy he has brought us from his work, not to mention his sexiness, I wanted to remind you of this. And now I hope that when you think about today being Nick Nolte’s birthday, you will remember the Sexiest Man Alive Nick Nolte, and not the Crazy Mugshot Nick Nolte.

Happy Birthday, Nick Nolte!

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