The Who??? A Super Bowl Halftime Show BONUS Photo

The Who played. I was slightly excited because I am a CSI fan, but Ashley had no idea who they were. She came into the living room when they were singing the CSI: Las Vegas theme song and she said, “Who is this?” I didn’t answer and she said again, “Who is this?” and then again. And again.

I never answered because I thought she was trying to sing along but getting the words a little wrong.

Then I figured out she was asking who it was so I told her it was “The Who” which of course led into a brief Abbott and Costello routine:

Who is this?

The Who.

Yeah, who?

The Who.

The people singing.

The Who.


They are “THE WHO”!


Later they were singing the theme song to CSI: New York and there was this shot where the camera angle showed a clock above the lead singer.

At first I thought it was a clock counting down until halftime was over, but then I realized it was a countdown on their brief 15 minutes of fame with any generation under 60.


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