Photo of the Day- 10feb2010

Today is Ashley’s Birthday Eve, it’s a National Holiday in Dupresia, and sure to be recognized shortly in the US. It’s a big deal around here and we celebrate it with fancy meals like Sloppy Joe Turnovers and Chicken Mexican Mountain, and with crazy made up songs and dances, and, of course, we celebrate with gifts.

The gifts cannot be opened until tomorrow, but I always like to show them to her wrapped and let her try to guess what they are. She never gets them because I am too good at this. Here is this year’s surprise gift:

She’ll never get it. Never.

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3 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 10feb2010”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Note to the newly married man. . .
    No matter how good an idea you think a vacuum is (even if she says that’s what she wants) it will sooooo bite you in the butt later. Trust me. (Unless you add a note that says she can sit on the couch eating ice cream while you use it for the life of the vacuum.)

    Better idea #4,672
    A Bowling Ball with YOUR name engraved on it

  2. Photo of the Day- 11feb2010 « Says:

    […] « Photo of the Day- 10feb2010 […]

  3. Nancy J. Reed Says:

    Hi and a belated congradulations to the newlyweds,

    That is a cool couch.


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