Photo of the Day- 11feb2010

Okay, I know that many of you have been curious as to what Ashley’s Super Secret Surprise Gift was soooooo I’ll tell you.

Wait, if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check it out first so that you can see if you can guess what it is. See it HERE

I know that many of you guessed it was a vacuum, but Ashley never did. I think she thought that there was no way I was that dumb. And she was right! It was not a vacuum. But what is it????

Ashley had many good guesses as to what it was. She guessed it was an upside down lamp, which I can kind of see I guess. She guessed it was a set of golf clubs because she said it looked like a golf bag with a putter sticking up. She guessed it was a puppy, I think mainly because she just wants a puppy. She guessed a lot of things but she never guessed the right thing so I told her to go ahead and just open it up and see!

S0 she cautiously began to pick away at the paper and then, before I could warn her, the present burst out!

It knocked her over and pinned her to the ground. (I have a picture of this, but she wouldn’t let me put it on her because she says it makes me look like a bad husband.)

I rescued her (I didn’t get a picture of that) and, after re-arranging the living room 37 times, we got it all set up. Here is a picture of it all unwrapped and set up.

It is an awesome new couch from World Market!

Ashley has been wanting a new couch pretty much from the day she met me because mine was so terrible. It was a ridiculous flowery grandma couch that came with the house. I called it my “grand-me-down couch” and it was pretty much the most uncomfortable couch in the history of the world. See it HERE. (on the video clip)

So finally, today she got a new couch. She eyed it every time we went to World Market to buy pimento stuffed olives and for her birthday we finally got it. I’m hoping now that she will finally get me that plasma screen tv I keep eying every time we go to Best Buy…

orrrrrrrr Photoshop, maybe I should keep it reasonably unreasonable. I guess we’ll see…

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 11feb2010”

  1. Dr B Says:

    a ridiculous flowery grandma couch that came with the house? Guess who donated that couch when we were trying to supply the house???? Boy, you are in deep. That was a family heirloom, perhaps with thousands of dollars stuffed in the cushions.

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