Photo of the Day- 16feb2010

My desk at work does not have a keyboard tray so I use a TV tray. It is not optimal so I finally ordered a keyboard tray from Staples I could add  to the desk myself. It came in the mail today.

I know what you are thinking, That is a GIANT box.

Yeah, but it’s probably because the keyboard tray is in couple boxes.

Ooooooor maybe it’s just one small box and the rest is just a big pile of those packing airbags.

For a company whose motto is “That Was Easy”, you’d think that they’d have done the easy thing and just slap a label on the ONE box the keyboard tray was in and mail it on out to me.

But I guess it’s all good, I was needing a box to store that old grand-me-down couch in anyway.

Later I walked into the main office and I was surprised to see that the dayplanner I had ordered had come in as well.

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