Photo of the Day- 20feb2010

Ashley and I watch a combined 52 hours a week of HGTV yet our main bathroom looks like this:

We started the “makeover” a couple weeks before Ashley moved in, and peeling random pieces of the top layer of the wallpaper off…

And picking a paint color and trying it out on the wall is about as far as we got.

But in our defense in 99% of the shows we watch somebody else besides the homeowners does the work.

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 20feb2010”

  1. John your old boss Says:

    Since you are not the homeowners – but the church IS – and based on your own reasoning, I suggest you pick it up with the painting…

  2. the vampire aka megan LeOnard Says:

    hahhha i love it but i suggest that u SPLASH paint the walls! so then you dont have to worry about it matching something cause u can just throw anything in there!

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