Photo of the Day- 21feb2010

Today just seemed like one of those days when I might not have any good candidates for Photo of the Day, and just when I was giving up I found one while watching the news. We were watching the Olympics and as the news came on I was preparing a Photo called “Olympic Fever” but I wasn’t loving it and then we saw a news story about a new medical device called a “pocket ultrasound”. There was a doctor telling all about it and then, just to make it seem like something patients liked, they used it on a patient and then  interviewed him. 

Now, I understand that you introducing this device to the world and you want Joe and Jane Patient to like it so you have put together a news story together and distributed it to every local television station so they can promote it their late news tonight.

Why… of all the patients in ALL the world you have tested it on, WHY did you chose THIS GUY to use for your National News Story.

He looks like Colonel Sanders on crack.

“We have an amazing new medical device that will make your life better. Don’t believe me, just listen to Colonel Sanders on crack.”

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