Photo of the Day- 23feb2010

We were at the corner of Holtzclaw and 3rd Street downtown and we saw this sign:

Pssss… want a house?… Hey… Pssss… want a house??… call me… the banks don’t need to know…

I’m not sure I want to buy a house by calling some random shady guy on his cell phone who doesn’t want to get the bank involved.

Although $550 a month is a pretty good deal…

UPDATE: I went to their website and looked at the Frequently Asked Questions and learned that they accept trades for down payments. Trades. For down payments. Whaaaa?????

How does that conversation go?

Shady House Guy: Okay, well, I think we are ready to close this deal.

Buyer: Great!

Shady House Guy: Alright, well, I just need you to sign here, and like I said, the bank doesn’t need to know about this.

Buyer: Sounds wonderful, I can’t believe I qualify to buy this great house.

Shady House Guy: Okay, and we’ll just need to get that down payment from you.

Buyer: Uhh, yeah, I don’t have the down payment per say… but I saw on your website that you accept trades for down payment so I brought this watch here, and there’s that recliner, and I own a third of a horse if we need to use that.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene!

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 23feb2010”

  1. Sean Hanzelik Says:

    You know when you all do go to buy a house, I am doing the mortgage, right?

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