Photo of the Day- 25feb2010

Tonight we are starting a new segment called…

American Idol True or False?

As a new season of the show begins I know we all will have lots of questions (and comments) about what we see, and what happens. Tonight as they send the first 2 guys and the first 2 girls home, I ask you:

True or False…


Joe Munoz’s dad looks like Fred Armison dressed as Saddam Hussein?

Also accepted: False, he looks like Fred Armisen as The Self Defense Instructor.

Ooorrrrr…. False, he looks like Fred Armisen as that comedian that always says, “Just keeeeding!”

Bonus American Idol True or False

True or False:

The only person more surprised that Tim Urban did not get eliminated was Tim Urban.

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 25feb2010”

  1. A Says:

    hahahaha…I would type more but I’m too busy trying to figure out what the word: Answe means.

    Could it be that Tim Urban is more surprised at the true spelling of that word?

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