Photo of the Day- 02mar2010

I can’t afford therapy, so today I am just going to talk to you about the last 24 stressful hours.

Today was the day for our 3rd Annual Senior Adult Fair and Luncheon at Ridgedale and we were really excited… but there was a weather front coming through. There was a chance for snow… a chance. On Monday, no snow… Wednesday, no snow… but today… maybe snow.  Maybe.

All day yesterday I was studying the weather on and listening to all the local weathermen trying to make a decision. I was the one who had to decide, and normally I would just wait until the morning and see what becomes of the snow. Buuuutttt The Fair involves a lot of people. 20 plus vendors and healthcare providers, lots of set up, lots of supplies, the kitchen cooking food for a gaggle of senior adults, oh, and a gaggle of senior adults who don’t drive at night, or in the rain, or if it’s foggy, or for sure in the snow, but would definitely judge me if I canceled it and it didn’t snow. I was under pressure.

So I studied the weather. In detail. I could tell you that at 10 am on Tuesday it was going to be 35 degrees and it was going to feel like 28 and that there would be a  70% chance of light snow after several early morning hours with a 100% chance of wintery mix and that during the hours of The Fair the temperatures would be dropping a couple of degrees. I knew this, or that that was what The Weather Channel was saying, but the local guys were downplaying it. They were acting like it was going to miss us and that it was going to be too warm so it was just going to rain.

But I had studied and I disagreed.

Soooo, after several hours of debating and studying and flipflopping a hundred times, at 4pm I decided to postpone The Fair and Luncheon until next month.

With help from Kristyl and Glenda we got in touch with all the vendors and Sunday School teachers and asked that they help us spread the news, which made it official: The Senior Adult Fair and Luncheon was postponed.

And then I came home and watched the news to see the weather. Paul Barys said it was not going to snow, he was adamant. As was David Glenn. And Patrick Core. I was getting nervous. The Fair was canceled and so was the snow it seemed. I had to go to class (at the Aspire Program) and try to not think about it. But I kept getting calls and texts about it.

I was starting to stress. I felt I had made the right decision because I had studied the weather (in detail) and I was sure it was going to snow and I would rather cancel it than to take a chance on one person slipping and falling or one car getting into a wreck because of it. But still I was stressed.

I came home and Ashley tried to comfort me and it was working… but then the 11 o’clock news came on once again Paul was against me. And so was David. But then Patrick said maybe. He said maybe. Patrick said it might be a little slick in the morning. Slick! Not exactly snow but “slick” is better than the “It is not going to snow, it will be too warm, it will for sure not snow,” that Paul Barys was repeatedly saying.

So with that on my mind I checked again to see what it said and I thought it was so funny that THIS grumpy guy was staring back at me the whole time:

Every time I refreshed the page, there he was glaring at me saying, “You better hope it snows!”

I tried to sleep but I couldn’t. I was tossing and turning and finally at 5:30 I got up.

No snow. No flurries. Nothing.

The local news was showing reporters on Lookout Mountain and Signal Mountain and there was snow EVERYWHERE, but here on Hickory Valley… nothing. Why couldn’t our church be on Signal Mountain!?!?!??

Then Ashley got up and asked if there was snow. “Why couldn’t our church be on Signal Mountain?” I said.

“Why can’t cats talk?” she answered.

She was sleepy, I was stressed. I started just talking out loud to myself trying to rationalize postponing The Fair.

“I canceled for ‘inclement weather’, that doesn’t necessarily mean snow. At the Olympics in Vancouver they had to postpone some downhill ski events for ‘inclement weather’ because it DIDN’T snow.”

“It’s gonna snow, don’t worry,” Ashley said.

After coffee our conversations made more sense, but still there was no snow. And then when it was about time for her to leave it started flurrying. And then it started snowing hard!

But it wasn’t sticking. Then, all of a sudden, at about 8 am it started sticking. And it started snowing GIANT chunks! By the time I left for work there was snow EVERYWHERE! So I would like to take a second right now and gloat. Paul said it wasn’t going to snow. David said it wasn’t going to snow. Patrick said maybe. Kevin said it is going to snow for sure.

Well, I said there was going to be “inclement weather”.

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5 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 02mar2010”

  1. Meli Says:

    I recently found your blog, and wanted to take a second to let you know just how much you crack me up! My stomach hurts from laughing.
    Your site works three fold for me. I get to feel accomplished for reading something each day, I get a good ab workout, aaaand I get to feel like a shlep for being less then charismatic on my own photo-a-day blog.
    Way to go!

  2. bailee Says:


  3. bailee Says:

    well, i think you are HILARIOUS. also, ridiculous, and yes, i’ll admit, my favorite brother-in law. since that was 3 compliments, i shall have to pay you back with

  4. Jennifer Johnson (the one from church) Says:

    Since you called the weather SO accurately yesterday, maybe you should consider a career in meteorology! Nah, then you’d have to leave our church, which would be a catastrophe!!!! {According to my daughter}

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