Photo of the Day- 27feb2010

Tonight Ashley and I went out to eat at El Meson, a local Mexican restaurant run by Mexican Masons. (That’s not true, I just threw that joke in for Ashley because we both recently finished reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.)

We were hanging out eating chips and salsa waiting on our food when Ashley made a weird face. It was the “hey look over there at that lady with a mullet” face, that “hey look over there, an I know “she’s” wearing a dress but I’m pretty sure she’s a dude” face, so I was looking around trying to see what she saw, but I wasn’t seeing it. I looked back at her just in time to see a little Mexican boy crawl out from underneath our table. It was the boy from the table behind us. He had found a secret passage.

Through here:

Ohhh, she was making the “there’s a little Mexican boy from the next table all up and under my business” face.

He was making the “what’s the big deal I do this all the time I’m not weird” face.

I took a picture of the little boy when he got back to his table:

That’s him right there. And that’s Ashley making the “he better not do that again” face.

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