Photo of the Day- 05mar2010

Tonight Ashley cooked some delicious homemade roasted vegetable lasagna from scratch…and then we had an impromptu dinner party. Ashley’s parents came by and then later Hope and Shepherd came over.

We ate dinner and then we hung out. Mainly that consisted of Shepherd entertaining us with his ridiculousness and him chasing Princess Prissy McPurrsalot of Lichtenstein. He loves her (he calls her “cat”…. a lot.) He chases her around saying, “CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT!” aaaand she loves it…

Shepherd loves to feed her. Any time he is not chasing her saying, “CAT! CAT! CAT!…” he points to the food bowl and says “EAT! EAT! EAT! EAT! EAT!” About an hour into the night Shepherd decided we should have some pictures of our night… so he grabbed my camera and started snapping. Granted most of them turned out like this:

Aaaand another 14 or so were just shots up his nose. (that I won’t post for you) But he did get one… yes, just one… picture that turned out good.

This is Shep’s first self pic:

Nice! Good pic, Shep!

(I love his eyes… they are so wide! He is so surprised, he can’t believe he finally got a good shot either!)

And I can’t finish up without linking you to the first self pic of my neice, Bella. My sister sent it to me about a year ago and it still cracks me up. Check it out by clicking on the link below.

Bella’s First Self Pic

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