Photo of the Day- 07mar2010

I love Google Image, it can find a picture of anything. Type in “Cat Tap Dancing” and BOOM, it finds it.

Type in “Oprah Without Makeup” and BOOM, it finds it.

Type in “Moose Washing Dishes” and BOOM, it fin… okay, it didn’t find it, but it found “Man With No Arms Playing Guitar“.

The point is… Google Image is awesome, it can find anything, even pictures you didn’t even know you wanted. Like this one I found the other day when I was Google Imaging something for the Game Time at FISH powerpoint I was doing. I Google Imaged something like “Women’s Olympic Pirate Balloon Hockey” looking for a graphic for a game I invented and I got this picture.

Santa’s Tombstone… I didn’t even know I needed to see it… and the keywords that I used shouldn’t have produced it, but Google Image knew I needed to see it and BOOM! there it was. Thanks Google Image!

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