Photo of the Day- 08mar2010

I love church, and I love signs, but somehow when you get church and signs together it ends up being ridiculous. Don’t believe me, Google Image it…

Anyway, today Tony and Brother Bill and I were driving to the hospital and we saw a ridiculous sign.

It was a messed up version of the

WHAT IS MISSING FROM CH_ _ CH…. U R! sign like the one below:

Haha, I get it. What’s missing? “U R” like me. Like I’m missing. Haha… okay, that’s cheesy.

The sign we saw today was a little more complicated:

CH _ _ C

_ _ _ _’S MI _ S _ IGS _ _ SS _ _?


Wait, what? I’m gonna need another clue or a key or something because I’m not even close to solving this.

Wait, maybe this is a poke at the budget committee…

CH _ _ C

_ _ _ _’S MI _ S _ IGS _ _ SS _ _?


What’s Missing…

Money for letters for our church sign, that’s what’s missing!

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3 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 08mar2010”

  1. Uncle-in-law Says:

    That church is on Wilcox Blvd. It had the corny UR message about 6 months or so ago. I go by there fairly regularly and have been keeping up with the demise of the message and wondering if the church will ever fix it.

    • kevinthecoolguy Says:

      Yeah! That church building is really run down too. it is an old school that is all boarded up. it’s not really somewhere you see and say, “Man i’d like to go to church there!” or even “I’d go inside there on a dare… maybe.”

      I don’t know exactly what kind of church it is but I’m guessing they’re probably not preaching the prosperity gospel…

  2. DonnaReagan Says:

    HAHA I know exactly where it’s at! It was a real church/the pastors house. Then one really bad day for them it caught on fire. there’s the link. Then I think some kids or crazy people played with the sign Now you know though (:

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