Photo of the Day- 09mar2010

My buddy John Lemons went to Disney World with his family; they had a great time. Sunday morning in Sunday School he had a Top 5 List: Things He Overheard While on His Trip to Disney. It was hilarious, and to be honest it was more of a mix of things he overheard and things he said, but nevertheless, it was hilarious. I am trying to get him to record it so I can post the video on here.

Until then I want to tell you about a billboard they saw. It was one of the ones that we saw when we were coming back from our honeymoon that I was going to use for a Photo of the Day back in January (before I got so behind). It was in south Georgia, which as it turns out is a mecca for Asian spas and strip clubs for truckers. He did not get a picture of the billboard so I thought I would post it and tell you about it, which hopefully will pressure him to do the Top 5 List for you.

Note: What Follows is a Collaboration of John Lemons and Kevin K Lewis. Enjoy.


“need we say more”

Wow. First of all, that is a misuse of quotations. Secondly, you might not “need to say more”, but you do need to punctuate more. That is not a question without a “question” mark. And thirdly, you don’t “need to say more”, you “need to say less”… there are children driving back from Disney World and now not only do parents have to explain the proper use of quotations, now they have to explain all about $tripper$.

A Whole New World indeed.

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