Photo of the Day- 16mar2010

As you all know I started the Bryan College Aspire Program a few weeks ago and so far it is going well. Today I was using The Business Writer’s Companion textbook  provided to us to write a refusal letter and while looking up the suggested “good news” I saw this:


That they even use the word “gobbledygook” in the book is crazy, but the fact that they actually define it and it can be found using the index and glossary tells me that I have definitely involved myself in the right college program.

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3 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 16mar2010”

  1. Umbrella Man Says:

    Gobbledygook is a fantastic word. I didn’t know it had such a technical meaning, though!

    (I found your blog and thought I should say hello, from one Photo of the Day Kevin to another)

    • kevinthecoolguy Says:

      hey buddy! it is cool that you found me. and that your doing a photo of the day also. and that your name is kevin. wait…

      do you watch LOST?

      do you think that we are each other’s flash sideways? or flash forward? or flashback?

      what is the date where you are?

      • Umbrella Man Says:

        I had to look up what a Flash Sideways is – some sort of alternate reality parallel-universe kind of thing, yeah?

        I believe it is the same day for me as it is for you, so I can’t be you from the past or future. Clearly you are my parallel doppelganger, living the life I might have lived, and vice versa!

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