Photo of the Day- 22mar2010

Local commercials are my favorite whether it is the Southern Bullion gold store commercials with Chad’s cousin Gary that you see 17 times during Jeopardy! or that air duct commercial with me and John and Justin that you keep seeing late at night during reruns of Mama’s Family, Local Commercials just have something that National Commercials are all too often missing.


Like this commercial for a local buy here/pay here car company called Easy Auto. They are doing some commercials called “My Car, My Story” where they interview people about their car purchases while they are driving. I don’t know how this is a better idea than interviewing them while not driving, but they seem to think it is a great idea. Tonight we were watching tv and we saw one with a guy named Howard N. Sr.

Howard talked and talked and talked for 30 seconds and never mentioned the one thing we were all wanting to know more about.

That crazy Captain Hook mustache!

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