Photo of the Week- 27mar2010

Please temporarily enjoy the Photo of the Week instead of the Photo of the Day.

This week Ashley and I took a trip to Texas to see a professional soccer game; it was AWESOME! The hotel on the way down there… well, not so much. We booked it online and got a great price. It had good ratings and was next to about 11 other hotels on the first Meridian, Mississippi exit so it should be fine, right?

Well… no. The check-in went well, but then we started picking up on signs this might not be the best hotel. The first was the lamenated safety tips by the phone.  

If you take the time to get your safety tips professionally printed and lamentated then your security problem is probably not new or temporary. The second sign probably should have been the fact that we weren’t staying at a Holiday Inn… despite what the label on the phone said.

The last and probably most disturbing sign that we might not be staying in the nicest hotel: The shower curtain.

If you feel the need to have the top portion of the shower curtain clear so your guests can always see the door… probably not the best hotel.

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One Response to “Photo of the Week- 27mar2010”

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