Photo of the Day- 14june2010

Today we ate staff lunch at Genghis Grill downtown. It is lunch and it is a competition. If you are not familiar with the restaurant and the process it is basically this: They give you a bowl and turn you loose on a 20 foot long buffet-type bar full of  uncooked goodness. You go down this line and you shove as much meat and veggies and hot peppers into a bowl as you can into the bowl using slices of sausage and potatoes as walls so you can build your meaty masterpiece higher and then they cook it and bring it to you at your table. The person with the most pounds of food in their bowl wins.

You’d think we’d eat it with a fork or spoon or shovel but we don’t, we use chopsticks. Have you ever read the back of a restaurant chopsticks package? No? Well, you should. (Thanks to John Lemons for pointing this ridiculousness to me.)

Just take that in for a second. Read it a couple of times. Click on it and make it REAL big so you can see it.


I know that this is translated from Chinese by someone… but didn’t they check this? Was there no one who could see the errors? And where did they find someone to translate this anyway?

Probably from HERE.

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