Photo of the Day- 15june2010

Brazilliant Idea!

Today Brazil played in the World Cup and I wanted to watch, buuuuuut I had to be at work. I was bummed until I came up with a BRILLIANT idea!

I would watch the game at work! A couple days ago my coworker Tony showed me how I could watch the World Cup games LIVE on my computer using It was awesome, I could watch the game and still “work!” The only problem is that if you looked in my office you would see me watching the game.

So today while I was working and waiting for the Brazil game to come on I had an idea…  I could shut my door and put up a sign that would keep people out. I couldn’t put up “KEEP OUT” because that would be suspicious so I put this:

“Dark Room”…pretty good idea but people don’t really develop pictures anymore. Especially in my office. A great idea… but I needed to leave my door open. Buuut if I left my door open then people would see me watching the game instead of working. Conundrum. I needed them to look in and see me looking like this:

That’s when I had a stroke of genius. I just need it to LOOK like I’m working when someone walks by. Just enough so it won’t draw attention. Since Tony showed me the whole thing in the first place, I thought I could trust him to help me with my special project.

So I propped up a big piece of poster board in a chair and I got Tony to take a picture of me working. Nothing special, just me sitting at my computer typing away. Then I printed it off and I glued it to the big poster board so when they looked into my office as they walked by THIS is what they would see:


When people walked by they would see me working, while really…



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