Photo of the Week- 13june2010

Please temporarily enjoy the Photo of the Week instead of the Photo of the Day.

This week we were driving around town, really just to get out of the house. Turns out a puppy is a lot like a baby. A baby mixed with a shark mixed with that annoying kid down the street who always seems to be up in your business. Anyway, we were driving around town and we saw this house for sale:

We liked it.

We liked it even more when we took a closer look at the sign.

“Ask About Trade”

We had never seen that before but we liked the house so we called to check it out. Geoff didn’t answer but we left him a message about a trade. We offered a almost brand new puppy and 14 pairs of slightly chewed shoes.

We haven’t heard back yet with a counteroffer, but we’ll keep you posted.

Assuming Emmy doesn’t eat my laptop I mean.

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