Photo of the Day- 18june2010

Okay, today I would like to play a game. It is a fun interactive game that ANYONE can play. Do you want to play? If yes, scroll down to the game below.

If no, click HERE.

Okay, let’s play…

Where Was The Old Book Shelf!!

It’s a brand new game sensation sweeping the nation! It’s easy to play: I will show you a picture and you try to guess where the old book shelf was. Got it?

Okay, let’s play…


Give up???

Scroll below to see the answer!

Did you get it??

In one of the rooms at church we took out an old cabinet and are putting in a nice new fancy book shelf and this is how it’s looking so far. I guess there was no need to move the old cabinet when they were painting before. The thinking, “This thing is so giant there is no way they will ever move it.”

And it was a perfect plan until we had to come along and decide to get fancy.

Thanks for playing the new gameshow sensation sweeping the nation…

Where Was The Old Book Shelf!!

See ya next time!

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 18june2010”

  1. DonnaReagan Says:

    Bahahaha Hey kev! Long time no talk. I for sure miss that humor of yours (: but please know I DIED laughing when I read this. The game was funny, but the click here if you don’t wanna play was SOOO FUNNY! Anyways, I added you to my FB so I’ll see ya around (:

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