Photo of the Day- 26june2010

Today John Lemons had his 30th birthday party in the party room at the Rave Movie Theatre. Yeah… his 30th birthday party. At the movie theater.

The lady at the Rave was just as confused.

Rave Lady: The name of the child?

John: John Lemons.

Rave Lady: Okay, and how old will he be?

John: 30.

Rave Lady: Wait, no the child, how old is the child?

John: 30.


He got all of his grown friends to bring him toys and he opened them after we ate cake and ice cream. Then we all went to watch the new movie “Grown Ups”. We all sat on the “Birthday Row”. People were looking at us like we were crazy. One lady asked us if it was John’s birthday and I said, no, it is his son’s birthday but he has a cold and couldn’t make it and since the room reservation was nonrefundable John is standing in for him.

She looked at him like he was the worst parent ever and I felt I had to defend so I said, “He saved him some cake and ice cream.”

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