Photo of the Day- 28june2010


I have a rule when exploring the wild: If I come across food I have to eat it because I never know when I will be able to eat again. It is a rule I learned from Bear Grylls.

Ashley has a similar rule: Don’t eat things in the wild. Ever.

They contradict, which sometimes causes trouble. For example, there is a berry tree in the woods behind our house… in our neighbor’s yard and every time we take Emmy out to play I want to eat them. Ashley is firmly against it. For 37 days straight I have tried to convince her it is a good idea.

And for 37 days straight she thinks it is a bad idea.

So I appeal to you and Bear Grylls to help me talk her into it.

Here is the tree:

And here is the delicious looking berry!

And as with most arguments I would like to end with this:

At least I don’t drink my own pee.

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