Photo of the Day- 12nov2010

Ashley and I went to Barnes and Noble tonight after dinner. We like to look around and hang out even if we’re not there for any particular reason. But tonight we had a reason: Chad and Hope are having another baby and are having a hard time coming up with a name so we were looking at the baby name books.

This is important… it’s a big deal. Today Chad threw out the name “Harold” so they for sure need help. We went to the baby book section and found a book that looked pretty good called “60,001+ Best Baby Names”.

“Somewhere in this book there is a name for their baby better than ‘Harold,'” I told Ashley as we started to look through it.

Then I saw the book dedication page…

“To my wonderful daughter, Jennifer…”

“Wait, we are gonna trust this lady to help us???” I said. “She had 60,001+ names to choose from for her daughter and she chose ‘Jennifer’???”

Not that there is anything wrong with the name Jennifer, it’s just if you are trying to sell me a book about naming children “creative and unique names” and the name you came up when you had a chance to name your child is… “Jennifer”???

Nope, you are not the book for us, but thanks. We’ll just have to go elsewhere to find Harold’s name. Like  HERE  for example.

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