Photo of the Day- 16nov2010

Today was a rainy day in Chattanooga. I love the rain. I love what the rain brings: Dark skies, cold winds, and fun moments like this we wouldn’t see on a sunny day…

I have seen lots of people get their raincoats stuck in their car doors. The sleeve or the bottom of the jacket, it happens when it’s raining and you are rushing, I get that…

But an umbrella?? That’s a bit ridiculous. 

That is Brother Bill, our beloved pastor, driving to lunch.

I could have gone two ways with this: The getting the umbrella stuck in the door or I could have gone with something like…

Brother Bill just washed his truck and didn’t know it was going to rain today. Bless his heart, he did the best he could.

But I guess I probably would have been better off to  just go with a picture of me as a baby.

Rule #37 of Posting a Photo of the Day: You can’t go wrong with a baby picture. People LOVE ’em!

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