Photo of the Day- 19nov2010

I often receive funny pictures from my friends with the attached note of “I saw this and thought of you,” or “I thought you would like this,” or something to that effect and I always appreciate it. I appreciate that you think of me when you see something funny or ridiculous. I appreciate that you take the time to take a photo and send it. And I appreciate Peanut Butter M&M’s. (I felt like there should be 3 things I appreciate.)

Anyway, today I have not been feeling well. I was supposed to go to work because I had a lot to do, but the last time I went to work on medicine I got caught sleeping.

At first I got away with it because it just looked like I was praying and who would think bad of a minister who was praying at his desk, right?

All was well until it all came tumblin’ down.

It’s hard to convince people you are praying when you are face down in a pond of slobber and your snoring has knocked over the pen cup.

So I decided since I was going to be medicined up, I’d be better to stay home in bed. But that doesn’t make for a very exciting Photo of the Day, which is not fair to you. Luckily today was one of those days when a friend sent me one of those “I thought you might like this” photo, which inspired a great idea! I could start a new segment and call it : Friend Found Photo Friday and I can show you that picture. I can give the friend credit they so greatly deserve and I can send them a t-shirt.

5 to 7 days after the first Token Trophy T-shirt Tuesday.

Okay, so without further adieu, and before I take my evening dose of Tylenol Cold Artic Breeze, I present to you the inaugural…

Friend Found Photo Friday

The honor of the first Friend Found Photo Friday Photo of the Day is one Sir Andrew Barber!

Sorry, I am watching A Knight’s Tale.

Anyway, Andy is the first to win this conveted prize. He was at the store and saw this ridiculousness and thought, I have got to send this to Kevin.

For that you get the credit you so richly deserve… and a t-shirt to be made later.


It was inspired by my Photo of the Day from Monday from Target’s Sale of the Century.

I love that they are bold enough to list the Suggested Retail Price right above their so much more ridiculous price. They say we should sell it for $19.99, but we think it is definitely worth $28.96. I mean it documents how to handle the end of the world afterall.

Thanks Andy!

Although I am on medicine so maybe this isn’t funny at all. Maybe it is just a photo of what he wants for Christmas…

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