Photo of the Day- 21nov2010

There are things in this world that shouldn’t exist. I have started compiling a list. Below is #457

Potty Training Pups Barbie.

I mean is this really a fun thing to play? Having recently gone through this with Emmy, I’m not sure it would be something I would pretend to do for fun. Although cleaning up pretend poo is probably way less stinky than cleaning up real poo.

I’m sorry, that should read: Cleaning up pretend poo is DEFINITELY less stinky than cleaning up real poo.

Anyway, I still don’t think this is something that should exist. If we allow “Potty Training Pups Barbie” how long before we have a “Nursing Home Barbie” or “Real Housewife of New Jersey Barbie”? Oh crap, I’ve just given Mattel an idea. You’rrrrrrrrrrrreeee Welcome world!

When we saw this Ashley reminded me of the Pioneer Woman post from a few years ago about “Barbie and Tanner”. I won’t ruin it for you but you HAVE TO READ IT, it’s hilarious! The Pioneer Woman is a blog Ashley reads and gets recipes from. She is a regular person like us except she lives on a ranch and has a cookbook and has battled Bobby Flay on Throwdown and is a millionaire. So she is pretty much just like us.

Anyway, her daughter got a ridiculous gift on Christmas Morning. Read this, I hope it will make up for the fact that I accidentally gave the world “Nursing Home Barbie” and “Real Housewife of New Jersey Barbie”.

Pioneer Woman Link:

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