Photo of the Day- 22nov2010

Today I was visiting folks in the hospital and while I was waiting outside the ICU to go in, after I checked my email and played all my Scrabble words and stalked you all on Facebook, I got bored and started exploring and I noticed this:

The sign says “Fire Hose for use by Fire Dept Personnel ONLY

Which is probably a pretty good policy, I mean we don’t want the night shift nurses playing double dutch with it I guess, but here’s the thing: There is no fire hose.

I appreciate that the fire department will probably be there if there is a fire and I’m sure they have a ton of fire hoses, but call me crazy, I’d rather store the fire hose on site just in case they get caught in traffic.

And the sign should be modified to say: “Fire Hose for use by Fire Dept Personnel ONLY… unless they are caught in traffic, then obviously, you should use it” along with another sign that says: “Work Smarter Not Harder: If it is a small fire use the fire extinguisher.”

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