Guess Who Is The Model Railroader Rockstar of the Month!–REVEALED

I had lots of guesses on who the mystery rockstar could be… and I actually got several correct answers. And some not so correct guesses.

David Hasselhoff is NOT a rockstar, sorry Patrick Mahan.

If you haven’t had a chance to play the game, click HERE to see if you can guess before you look at the answer below.

The following people got the answer right and win a copy of An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down and a year’s subscription to Model Railroader.

Emily Lemons
My Mama
Jen Richert
Jennifer Johnson
and the very first one to get it...
Jason Hooper who knew way too much about railroad museums
and the mystery rockstar.

And now, without further adieu… The Model Railroader Rockstar of the Month iiiiiiiiiiiissssss…

Rod Stewart!

Yup, Rod Stewart. I mean I think we all knew he was a little quirky with his hair and his “dancing” but I’m not sure we would have guessed he had a basement full of miniature trains and skyscrapers. Except those of you who did, strangley, know that. Thanks for playing and congratulations again to the winners!!!

See ya next month for another addition of Guess Who Is The Model Railroader Rockstar of the Month!

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