Photo of the Day- 24nov2010

Tonight Ashley and I were at Barnes and Noble browsing the magazines and I came across Model Railroader Magazine. It caught my eye because my good friend and yours, Timmy Daughetry LOVES trains. He has more pictures of trains on his Facebook page than pictures of his girlfriend.

Anyway, it caught my eye and when I looked closer I saw that there was a world-famous, Grammy award winning, Hall of Fame Rockstar on the cover. One who has his own model railroad in his house and isn’t afraid for you to know about it. I was really surprised at who it was so I thought this might be a fun game for you all to try to guess who it is. We can call it: Guess Who Is The Model Railroader Rockstar of the Month! (It’s the first time I’ve seen the magazine, maybe there is a rockstar on there every month.)

Okay, now I will show you the cover with the name and picture of the rockstar blocked out and you see if you can guess. Only the name and picture have been blocked out, all other info is there for you to see and get clues from!

 The answer will be revealed Thanksgiving afternoon. GOOD LUCK!

Have a guess?


Okay, I’ll give you some wiki-hints… hints found on his wikipedia page.

Wiki-hint #1– Before he was a rockstar, he tried his hand at being a newspaper boy, a professional soccer player, and a gravedigger.

Wiki-hint #2– His first single was “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” which hopefully isn’t as creepy a song as the title makes it seem.

Wiki-hint #3– His first solo album, which didn’t come out for 5 years after his (creepy sounding) first single, was An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down.

Wiki-hint #4– Ironically was famously let down by an old raincoat in 1974.

Just kidding, that was a Wiki-hint joke. A Wiki-joke!

Wiki-hint #4– He has been called the “greatest white soul singer” ever by Elton John and James Brown.

Wiki-hint#5– He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a solo artist though he was once a member of each of the following three interestingly named bands: Soul Agents, and Shotgun Express, and Faces.

Okay, let the guessing begin! Answer will be posted Thanksgiving afternoon so check back and see who this train-lovin’ Rockstar is! Thanks for playing Guess Who Is The Model Railroader Rockstar of the Month! GOOD LUCK! And as always, this wonderful free game show was brought to you free by your favorite free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.



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4 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 24nov2010”

  1. Jason Says:

    Rod Stewart! You should take a field trip to the Kalmbach Memorial Library
    on Cromwell Rd where the archives for the National Model Railroad Association are held. I have no doubt it will provide you with hours of fun.

  2. jen Says:

    rod “the mod” stewart.

    i knew he was in faces but had no idea he dug tiny trains (or ditches).

  3. Jennifer Johnson Says:

    Keith says it’s Rod Stewart. What do we win??

  4. Guess Who Is The Model Railroader Rockstar of the Month!–REVEALED « Says:

    […] « Photo of the Day- 24nov2010 […]

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