Photo of the Day- 25nov2010

Today is Thanksgiving and as is our tradition, we walked in the Grateful Gobbler in downtown Chattanooga to benefit the Homeless Coalition who help with food, shelter, and lots and lots of services for the homeless of Chattanooga.

We have had lots of fun times over the years; if you haven’t seen them, click  HERE  and  HERE.

Today was another fun time at the Gobbler. The weather was amazing and I think I came into the race in peak condition. Well, not peak condition, but, you know, close-ish. Anyway, I was determined to beat as many people as I could so I started out quickly. But not as quickly as this guy…

I hate to admit it, but this is about a half mile into the race, and he opened his lead up to a good 10 paces. I think the cane was a ruse just to mess with me. As we got further into the race, right as we passed by the Newschannel 9 cameras, he dramatically ripped off his turtleneck like he was Hulk Hogan to reveal a runner’s tank top complete with a sponsorship from  Fast Break Athletics  and he dramatically threw his cane down, hitting me in the ankle, and took off sprinting throwing those little firecracker poppers at the people ahead of him to warn them he was coming through.

Okay, that didn’t happen but I would like to pretend that it did because that guy with his cane and his khaki pants and orthopedic shoes DID beat me. Which hopefully won’t make the 11 o’clock news tonight.

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