Photo of the Day- 26nov2010

Thanksgiving Weekend is a time for family, whether you like it or not. Luckily I like my family so Thanksgiving is fun. It is Friday again and I started a new segment last week called Friend Found Photo Friday and it was a huge success so I thought I would continue it this week. I got lots of fun pictures from you all but I thought since Thanksgiving is a time for family, I should make this Friend Found Photo Friday a family edition.

Plus I got a ton of photos from family.

Friend Found Photo Friday: Family Edition

Anyway, the first is from my cousin-in-law, which sounds like a made up relative, but isn’t, Brooks Devary. He is married to my cousin Holly and they live in Washington state close to Portland, Oregon, which sounds made up, but isn’t.

Brooks sent me a photo of an item that may or may not be available all over the country but is apparently available in made up Portland, Oregon suburbs. Check it out:

Friend Found Photo Friday: Family Edition #1

Diet Coke with Bacon.

I like eggs and bacon; and I like bacon burgers; and bacon on pizza is great, but bacon in Diet Coke? Nope, I’m not sure that is okay.  How did this even come about???

Coke Scientist #1: Those Diet Coke with Lime are really doing well, don’t you think?

Coke Scientist #2: They really are! Which makes me think we should come out with more Diet Cokes with flavors added.

Coke Scientist #1: Like Diet Coke with Lemon!

Coke Scientist #2: Nooo… I was thinking something a little edgier.

Coke Scientist #1: Yeah… like Diet Coke with Orange!

Coke Scientist #2: Nooo! Like Diet Coke with Bacon or something ridiculous like that, but not bacon obviously.

Coke Scientist #1: Bacon??? Yeah… I LOOOOOVE bacon… that is exactly what we should do… Diet Coke with Bacon.

Coke Scientist #2: Mike… are you high right now?

Coke Scientist #1: Oh, yeah… absolutely. Aren’t you???

aaaaaaaaaaand scene!

Diet Coke with Bacon??? Ridiculous.

Friend Found Photo Friday: Family Edition #2

And speaking of ridiculous, Ashley and I were flipping through the channels today and we ran across HSN. We had decided to forego any Black Friday craziness and sleep in and really enjoy the bed and breakfast we are staying at in Rome, Georgia (which is really awesome by the way!). As we were flipping through the channels we came across HSN and we stopped to see what they had for sale.

It was an ornament. And not just any ornament, it was a “Today’s Special” ornament which meant that it was on sale! Check it out to see what you think:

That is a Christmas ornament with hair. Hair. Real Hair.

And it is only $40.

To read more about it click HERE.

The best part is the reviews; you have to read the reviews.

“This ornament is so adorable it actually looks like a doll without the body.”

“I’m keeping this on my dresser year-round so I can start the day on a happy note!”

“I do not celebrate Christmas and yet I wanted to have this.”

It looks like a doll without a head? Say no more, I MUST have this ornament on my tree!


Friend Found Photo Friday: Family Edition #3

As I said, we are staying at an awesome bed and breakfast in Rome, Georgia for the weekend and we are loving it! We have had the best time staying in a house that was built in the 1870’s that either has ghosts or cats living underneath it. At any rate, we are loving it. Ashley’s parents are watching our puppy, Emmy, for us which is great. They sent us this text today to show us she is doing okay:

“We went shopping for Black Friday,” the text said. “But don’t worry, Larry King the Giraffe is watching her while we’re gone.”

Awesome, good to know that someone is in charge even if it is Larry King the Giraffe.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of  Friend Found Photo Friday: Family Edition! Join us next time when I share fun photos with you that you have shared with me. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, now go hug your mama!

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